Storing Clothing in a Storage Unit? Five Tips to Help

Hiring a self storage unit? Planning to put any clothing in it? Then, you may want to check out these tips. They'll help to ensure that the clothing in your self storage unit is in the same condition when you take it out as it is when you put it in there.

1. Purge First

If you have time, purge your clothing first. Get rid of anything that doesn't have sentimental value or that you don't plan on wearing again. Paring down your possessions means less to store—that saves you money in the long run and makes it easier to keep your self storage unit organised.

2. Clean Everything

Once you've decide which clothing you want to put in your self storage unit, make sure to clean it. A small bit of food on a child's t-shirt, for example, may turn into a moldy mess that spreads to all the other clothing in that box. Alternatively, that bit of food could attract rodents or insects to your clothing.

3. Take Steps to Protect the Clothing From Pests

Cleaning your clothing is just the first step to protect it from pests. You may also want to choose a self storage facility that is well sealed and climate controlled. That type of unit is less likely to have issues with pests than a facility that has garage style units that open to the outside.

Regardless of which type of storage unit you select, you may want to pack your clothing in plastic boxes. Mice can't chew through those, and as long as the cover is on tightly, insects can't get in either. You may also want to add blocks of cedar or sachets of lavender to your boxes—that can work as substitutes to moth balls.

4. Hang Clothing That You Don't Want to Wrinkle

T-shirts, jeans and other basic casual clothing stores just fine whilst folded up, but if you have formal clothing, you may want to avoid the intense wrinkles associated with storing that clothing in a box. To that end, you may want to get a hanging rack or a moving box with a rod inside of it.

5. Make Lists of Everything

You should also make lists of all the items that you put into every box. Then, tape those lists on the outside of the boxes. If you need to grab a sweater or another small item, these lists make it infinitely easier to find your stuff.

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