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Exciting and stressful are two words you might use to describe the process of moving house. If you want to tip the scales toward excitement while reducing stress, organisation is key. Here are some tips to help you plan ahead.

Early Starts

You can pack some things a month or two before the moving day. This will lessen what you need to do in the hectic last weeks and days. Packing dinner plates and mugs that you use every day may not be practical. But you can pack stuff you won't use in the short term, such as out-of-season clothes, games, and books.

Starting early will also give you time to weed out the belongings that you don't want at your new place. You can go through the kitchen cabinets and donate or throw out old utensils and appliances and get rid of big items such as unwanted sofas or unused bicycles. Some things, such as mattresses and metal appliances, are recyclable. Clearing out what you don't want early will make the moving task easier and cheaper.

Packing Box Dimensions

When the time comes to move, packing the boxes appropriately will help everything go smoothly. You can purchase, from removalists or retail stores, storage boxes in a range of sizes. Heavy items, like books, are best packed in small, strong boxes. Light, bulky things such as doonas and towels can be stored in large boxes. Medium boxes can hold a range of items, but take care to distribute weighty objects over several boxes to even out the load. That way, each box can be picked up and moved easily. You can tape the bottom as well as the top of the boxes to secure them.

Labelling Boxes

Moving houses requires a large number of boxes. You might require 80 boxes in various sizes, depending on the size of your home. A furniture removals company can suggest a specific number. Once you start crunching the numbers, you may realise the importance of a labelling system to avoid chaos.

On each box, you can stick a label, possibly colour-coded by room, with a category and destination. For example, put "kitchen utensils" on a yellow sticker, the colour designated for all kitchen objects. The removalists will then be able to place the boxes in the correct room in your new house. Make sure the labels are clearly visible from a distance and that you put a label on all four sides and the top of each box. That way, once the boxes are stacked around your new home, you can walk around them and read the labels to find something in particular.

For more information, contact a furniture removals company near you.

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