Three Tips to Reduce the Time for Your Interstate Move

Moving from one state in Australia to another, such as moving from NSW to TAS, can seem like a long and exhausting process as compared to relocating to a different town or neighbourhood. Although a professional interstate removalist can make the process a little easier, there is still a lot to do on your part. If you don't find ways to simplify the process, you can end up spending a lot of time packing for the move. Luckily, there are several ways that you can cut down the time required to pack and relocate your belongings to the new home. Here are some of the top ideas on how to go about it.

Stay organised with a checklist

Does it seem like there are too many things in your house to pack? Well, the truth is, there are and you need a plan before you can start taking things apart. A detailed checklist can help in packing systematically and avoiding last minute rushes. Additionally, it will help you locate every item once you settle in your new home. Most people don't unpack immediately after moving house, and the last thing you need is to start looking for your toiletries in dozens of boxes.

Create a checklist with all the items you own so that you can categorise like things together. Next, get boxes for the items and invest in coloured stickers and labels so that you can identify what is in which box. For instance, the kitchen boxes can be marked into cutleries, glasses, mugs, kitchen towels, etc. This will allow for quick packing and unpacking.

Declutter the home

The last thing you want is to carry all the junk in your home from across state lines. Junk not only adds to the stuff you have to pack, but it also clutters your home and makes it unpleasant. Consider decluttering your home before the move to ensure that you only carry what you need to the new home. Raid your garage, store, closet, kitchen drawers, and cabinets, and get rid of all the things you haven't used in a long time. You can host a garage sale, donate the items or give them out to family and friends.

Ask for help

There's nothing harder than trying to move house alone. The process can be painstakingly long and exhausting. Why don't you call in favours from your friends or family? Doing so can simplify the process and make it fast. You can even turn the packing into an exciting endeavour so that your friends will be motivated to participate. For instance, you can have a sleepover where you pack for most of the night as you talk and indulge in some beers or wine.

Finally, work with a professional interstate moving company. Go for one that offers both loading and offloading services to simplify the entire process and allow you to have a peace of mind during the relocation.

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