What You Can't Pack into the Van During Your House Move

Planning a big move, such as a Melbourne to Brisbane removal? Hiring a moving van takes a lot of the stress out of getting all your stuff from one place to another, but there are a few items you won't be able to pack. Perishable goods, pets, plants, and hazardous items can't be dealt with by your removal company, so you'll need to arrange alternative transportation for them.

Keep reading for full details on what you can't pack and what you should do with it instead.

Indoor and Outdoor Plants

The temperature inside a removal van can fluctuate wildly and reach very high temperatures. This means that any plants stored in there likely won't survive the journey. If possible, you should move plants in your car, and pack them upright to ensure they reach your new home in good condition. Think carefully about how many plants you really need to transport, as it's often easier to simply repurchase once you've moved.

Perishable Foods

Perishable food can't be stored in your removal van - it poses a safety hazard, and the fluctuating temperatures mean it likely won't be edible once you reach your new home, especially if it's a long-distance move. Plan carefully in the weeks leading up to your move, and don't buy more than you can eat before your moving date. If you still find yourself with lots of leftovers, see if you can donate them to a food bank, or ask local friends and family if there's anything they'd like.

Pets and Animals

Pets should never be transported in a removal van. The temperatures pose a severe danger, and you won't be able to feed your pet or offer them breaks during the journey. All pets should be transported in your vehicle and kept inside a secure carrier. If you're travelling a long distance, be sure to bring food, water, and other supplies to keep your pet comfortable. Consider stopping overnight at a pet-friendly hotel to minimise the hours your pet spends stuck in a car in one day.

Hazardous Items

Many household chemicals can't be transported in your removal van, as they pose a safety risk. This includes aerosols, paint thinner, acids, motor oil, propane tanks, fertilizer, fireworks and car batteries. Ask your removal company for a full list of disallowed items before you start packing so you aren't taken by surprise. It's usually best to repurchase hazardous items once you arrive at your new home, rather than risk transporting them yourself.

Hiring a removal van to move house? Make sure you don't pack any of items listed above.

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