Can't Fit a Sofa Through Your Door? Try These Tips

Moving is stressful. Even once you get through the pain of planning your move, buying boxes, and purging your stuff, you still have to go through the physical steps of actually moving your furniture.

If you are struggling to get a sofa through your front door, here are some tips to help you:

1. Tip the Sofa Upright

Sometimes, just changing the angle can help with furniture removals. Instead of carrying through the sofa with one person on each end, trying moving it through vertically. You may need to stand the sofa upright on one end, angle it slightly, and move it through that way.

2. Remove All the Cushions and the Legs

Cushions can also add unwanted girth when you are doing furniture removals. To help you get the sofa through the door, remove the cushions, and take off any arm rest covers or similar items that may catch on the doorway.

Also, take off the legs. In most cases, the legs are attached with long screws that you can simply unscrew. That often gives you the few extra centimeters that you need to get out of the door.

3. Take Off the Screen Door

If you still can't get your sofa through the door, try removing the screen door or possibly even the door itself. Depending on how the door opens, you may be able to make the entry wider by getting the door out of the way.

4. Try the Window

When you can't get something through the door, you may want to try the window. Obviously, this only works with large windows that open, and if you are living in an upstairs apartment, you will need a hoist system to gently lower the sofa down. If you drop it, it will break.

With apartments that have a patio door leading out to a balcony, you may be able to move the sofa onto the balcony and then, lower it from there.

5. Hire a Professional Furniture Removals Company

If you can't get your sofa out by yourself, you may need to call in the pros. Furniture removals professionals do this all day, every day, and they often have the tips and tricks necessary to get large objects through small portals. When that's not possible, there are also specialists who can take apart the furniture, move it through piece by piece, and reassemble it in your new home.

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