5 Questions You Should Ask Movers

The moving process is likely to be less stressful for you and your family if you hire professional removalists instead of opting for a DIY move. However, you need to be careful as you select the movers. Use the questions below as a way to select the most appropriate movers in your area.

How long have you been in the industry?

Experience matters in the moving industry. Experienced removalists have mastered the art of moving different kinds of belongings from (and into) different kinds of homes. You are therefore better off selecting the most experienced removalists to avoid having to deal with novices who may make mistakes as they handle your belongings.

Can you avail references?

You should also ask the moving companies that you wish to hire to give you a list of some previous clients in your area. Those previous clients will share their unique experience with the removals company. Shortlist those removalists with positive comments from their clients.

What estimates do you prepare?

Moving companies provide different kinds of estimates to their potential clients. For example, some may give you a non-binding estimate of what the removal will cost. Others could offer you a binding estimate that cannot be exceeded once the move is completed. Discuss the pros and cons of each type of estimate with the removalists and select the company that gives the kind of estimate that is within your budget.

How do you protect the home?

You should have the safety of your home in mind as you screen removalists. This mindset will help you to identify the moving company that has clear mechanisms in place to protect the home when taking your belongings into or out of the home. Such careful movers will save you from the added expense of performing repairs to stairs, walls, and floors after the move. Protective measures may include laying plywood on delicate floors and wrapping furniture in moving blankets to protect the walls from the sharp edges of the furniture.

How do you process claims?

Feel free to ask about the procedure that different removalists follow when they are processing client claims. Select a company whose claims process is straightforward and expeditious. This will save you from getting involved in a drawn-out process in case you suffer a loss during the removal process. For example, opt for a company that pays directly for a replacement item instead of a company that asks you to buy the replacement so that they reimburse you later.

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