Nifty Tips to Ease the Load of Moving Heavy Furniture

Furniture removals are not merely physically demanding, but they also pose the risk of injury in the form of straining your muscles or your back. Thus, it is advisable to hire a professional removals company to undertake this task for you. However, in the event that you want to handle furniture removals on your own, here are nifty tips that can help in easing the load of moving your heavy furniture pieces.

Tip 1: Always make furniture removals a two-person task

As long as you have bulky items to move out of your home such as cabinets, a dining table, a bookshelf and so on, it is best to have an extra pair of hands to help you out. When working as a two-person team, you are going to have an easier time balancing your bulky furniture, minimising the chances of damaging the pieces in the process. Moreover, having an extra pair of hands allows you lift the furniture, rather than dragging it along the floor and causing potential damage that could decrease your rental deposit.

When carrying these furniture items, take the appropriate stance by bending at your knees rather than your back to reduce the risk of straining your spine. Additionally, tipping the furniture pieces at a matching angle will also help you and your partner navigate corners or make your way through a stairway.

Tip 2: Take apart the furniture

A typical mistake people make under the assumption that it will save them time is not disassembling their bulky furniture pieces. Leaving them intact may save you the trouble of putting them back together, but the increased load only makes it more challenging to remove them from the premises. Any cabinets and chests that have removable drawers should be taken apart and the drawers stacked together for easy transportation. You should also inspect your furniture legs to see if they are removable, as this will make it easier to lift and handle tables, couches and even chairs.

Tip 3: Make use of blankets

One of the readily available resources in your home that can significantly ease your furniture removals is blankets. Firstly, blankets are excellent for reducing the risk of undue scratches on bulky furniture, primarily when trying to navigate walls or squeeze them through doorways. Secondly, laying a blanket on the floor and placing bulky furniture on top can facilitate sliding the pieces across the floor without harming your flooring or your furniture. 

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