Two Tips To Consider Before You Put Your Caravan Into Storage

The lazy days of summer holidays are over, and in just a few months, the colder months of autumn and winter will arrive. This chillier time of year is one during which many people choose to pack up their camping and caravan equipment and turn their minds to warm indoor activities until spring arrives. As someone who has never placed their caravan into storage before, you may not be confident about what you need to do to make sure it is in great condition when you are ready to use it again. Use these two tips to ensure your first-time caravan storage is a successful process.

Offsite Storage Facility

There are three great reasons to store your caravan off your property at a caravan storage facility:

  1. Storage facilities have 24-hour security and camera monitoring. Plus, your caravan is stored in a locked yard, so the chances of it being stolen are greatly reduced.
  2. Storage facilities offer undercover parking for your caravan to protect it from weather elements such as hail. You would need to custom-build a covered area for your caravan at home to offer the same type of protection.
  3. A caravan at a storage facility is not a mowing obstacle at your property, which helps when it is time to get your lawnmower out.

Preparation For Storage

Just as important as where you store your caravan over winter is how you prepare the caravan for storage. If you don't put your van away in good condition, then you could find it damaged when you next go to use it. Examples of great caravan storage preparation include the following:

  1. Wiping over all interior surfaces with disinfectant to ensure there are no food scraps left behind which would encourage rodent visitors.
  2. Ensuring there is ventilation open to allow air movement through the caravan while stored. Lack of air movement leads to condensation sitting on the walls, which then leads to mould and mildew growth.
  3. Making sure cupboards and the fridge are emptied of all open foodstuffs. Not only are these a rodent attraction, but you don't want spoiled food odours to sink into your caravan walls or carpet as it takes time and effort to remove these smells.

If you have concerns about storing your caravan over the winter break, have a chat with your prospective storage facility manager as they have plenty of advice about the best way to ensure your caravan comes back to you in as great a condition as it went in.

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