3 Tips For Moving House During A Pandemic

2020 will forever be known as the year that the COVID-19 pandemic played havoc with the lives of people worldwide. With the Prime Minister indicating that this virus will potentially interfere in the daily lives of Australians for six months or more, it is difficult to determine whether to put life completely on hold or still try to keep up with some semblance of normality while following whatever rules are in place at the time. If you are about to move house, this is probably an even more stressful than normal time for you, but by following these three tips, you can relocate to a new home with relative ease.

Interstate Relocations

While each of the states and territories has closed their borders to limit the movement of people, removalist trucks are still counted as an essential service, so they can currently move between the states with minimal issues. However, one thing which is very apparent about the COVID-19 situation is that the rules change regularly. Therefore, when you are ready to book your moving truck, you must check the current regulations regarding border entry. If the borders have been completely closed to removalists' vehicles, then you may need to consider putting your belongings into storage for the short term and only taking the essential items to your new home.


Your removalist will take care of their hygiene while handling your belongings. They will likely wear gloves, and some staff may choose to wear facemasks. However, you can also help reduce the chance of the virus spreading by taking care to hygienically clean as much as you can within your home. Doorknobs and benches should be wiped down or sprayed with disinfectant. Make sure you wash your hands twice an hour while packing in case there is anything on your belongings. Spray a disinfectant spray over boxes and furniture to kill any germs lurking on them. Keep the virus in mind as you clean up your home to keep everyone safe.

Social Distancing

On moving day, when the removalists arrive at your home to do their job, you must keep your distance from them. Not only does this keep everyone safe from injury while the removalists load the truck, but it also reduces any opportunity for virus spread. Remember the rule to keep at least 1.5 meters apart just to be on the safe side.

Do not let a virus overtake your chance to move home. You just have to work alongside the removalist staff to make sure everyone is kept safe from illness at this time.

To learn more, contact a removalist.

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