Moving House With a Newborn Baby

When your family is about to increase in size, you might find that your home needs to do the same. Certainly, it would have been ideal to move to your new home before your baby arrives, but this isn't always going to be possible. Moving house is challenging under any circumstances, but your newborn baby requires a rather specialist approach.

The Routine

Parents of newborns will try to get their little one into a routine as quickly as possible. But what's more disruptive to a daily routine than moving house? You'll want to minimise the disruption to your baby's sleep routine, but this is obviously going to be difficult when you also have to transfer them from one home to another. It's difficult, but not impossible.

Your Baby's Needs

Try packing everything your newborn needs into your own car. This includes their clothing, bibs, nappies, formula (and anything else that their feeding requires), their bedding, and even their bed. If their cot can easily be dismantled and packed into your vehicle, then do it. Alternatively, if they have a travel cot, then this will be perfectly fine. Make your own way to your new home with your baby, set up their cot, and then allow them to nap as per their schedule.

Sleeping Schedule

It's going to be virtually impossible for your furniture removals company to deliver everything to your new home without making any noise. Ideally, the arrival of the moving van at your new place can be timed to coincide with a time that your newborn will be awake. Obviously, this might not necessarily be so straightforward. The important thing is that your baby arrives first, and they have everything they need in a room where the door can be closed. You might even request that any furniture to be placed into the baby's room is delayed until your baby is not asleep. 

Skip Moving Day

When you're concerned about the disruption to your baby's routine, you might wish to remove yourself and your baby from the equation. You and your baby can stay overnight with a family member or friend (or even in a hotel for the night). Your baby will have a quiet place, free of the inevitable distractions of moving, and then you can make your way to your new home the following day, when the nursery has already been set up, and all the rest of your possessions have already been delivered.

Moving to a new home can throw a spanner in the works when it comes to your newborn's newly-established routine, so it's important to minimise the disruption that comes with moving day. A furniture removalist in your area can handle your move for you when you have little children or babies to take care of.

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