Things to Avoid When Working With a Removal Company

One of the smartest decisions you can make during a move is to work with professionals who specialise in furniture removals. These movers make the moving process easy and ensure that your belongings safely get to the destination. However, some people usually make mistakes that mess up the removal process. This makes the removal work more challenging, something that shouldn't occur on a moving day. This post will outline top things removal companies do not like, so you don't make such mistakes too.

Adding items that weren't included

Before a reliable moving company can take on a job, they need to conduct a survey. This is meant to identify all the belongings you intend to move so they can get the right equipment, labour, and vehicle. All this advance planning is intended to make the moving process stress-free. However, if you add extra furniture or other items on the moving day, you will inconvenience the professionals.

Other than taking longer to complete the job, they might need to get an additional vehicle, causing delays and other unforeseen inconveniences. Therefore, avoid buying new pieces of furniture like a sofa, bed, or wardrobe after the initial survey and assuming that the movers will find a solution.

Allowing kids and pets to interfere on the moving day

Customers who do not make plans to keep their kids and pets safe on a moving day make the removal work more difficult. Pets and children are delicate and small, so the movers might not see them while carrying those large pieces of furniture or boxes. If you don't keep them out of the way, the movers will have no option but to work slowly to avoid accidents. It's always best to keep your pets and children in a spare room or bring them to a relative or friend while the movers are doing their job. After all, movers always have a schedule, so it shouldn't be challenging to make plans before they arrive.

Failing to prepare the electrical appliances

Even if the removal company will pack appliances on your behalf, there are things you should do to make the work easier. For instance, you'll need to empty and defrost the fridge or freezer before the moving day. If you do not, the food will get damaged and still make the fridge heavy. On the other hand, the frosty freezer will start leaking during transportation, hence damaging the furniture and other items packed in boxes. The dishwasher and washing machines should also be disconnected because removal experts aren't plumbers.

To learn more, contact a company offering removals near you.

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