Two ways to make a house move fun

Whilst the term 'house move' is rarely associated with the word 'fun', there are ways to make this experience more enjoyable. Here are two ways to make your upcoming move fun.

Book the new furniture delivery for the end of the moving day

Most people need at least a few new pieces of furniture when they move house. If this is the case for you and you're planning to order some furniture soon, you should ensure that the new furniture is delivered to the property you're moving into at the end of the moving day (i.e. at a time when you'll have already arrived and unloaded most of your belongings). Although you will probably be too tired to actually assemble or arrange your new furniture at this point of the day, having some lovely and practical new pieces delivered at the end of this tough experience will boost your mood.

By the end of their moving day, most people are grumpy and feel a bit deflated, as the hustle and bustle of the weeks leading up to their move and the day of the move itself has dissipated and they're just left with lots of unboxing to do. At this stage, you will probably find it uplifting to see, for example, your gorgeous new sofa being carried through the door. It will also mean that during the next few days, you can enjoy the process of playing around with the furniture layout in your new home, instead of just unboxing boring items whilst you wait for the furniture to arrive.

Prep your décor for your new furniture

Another way to put some pep in your step when you're moving house is to prepare your existing décor for the new furniture that you'll be getting delivered. For example, if you're ordering a new sofa, you might want to wash and dry your favourite cushion covers and throws so that they look clean and smell wonderful when you decorate the sofa with them. Likewise, if you have a selection of ornaments you plan to put on the new console table, you might want to dust or polish them so they're ready to display on it as soon as the table arrives and you've taken the ornaments out of the box.

This will be a fun but also a very easy way to start making the new place feel like home and will provide you with a nice distraction from the dullness of having to unpack the more practical things you need to use during the first day or so in this property. 

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