Helpful House Moving Tips

Moving to a new house is a massive undertaking and not something you should leave to the last moment. Being and feeling organised will help you arrive at your new place with the least amount of stress. Here are several tips to keep in mind.

De-Clutter in Advance

Decluttering and packing are two different tasks, and it's best to think of them that way. You can combine these jobs, but just be aware that the packing process will often take longer. It will involve deciding whether you want to keep various items and what to do with them. If you leave things to the last moment, you may end up packing and paying for moving stuff that you throw out once you reach your new home. 

Alternatively, you could declutter first, well in advance. Go through each cupboard and drawer and decide what you want to keep, donate, or throw out. Then put the things you intend to take with you back into the drawer. You can do this a few months or weeks ahead without worrying about packing at that point.

Label and Colour-code the Boxes

Make sure to label each packing box so you know where they belong in your new home. You could label the boxes with the room and their general contents. Alternatively, mark the packages with where they were taken from if it's more helpful. For example, you could put "bedroom drawers" on a label. Colour-coding the boxes is also beneficial as you can simply glance at a package from a distance to know where it belongs or where it came from. You don't have to get up close to read the label. You could give all boxes containing fragile items a specific colour so they get special treatment.

Pack Electronics Carefully 

When packing electronics, you need to take special care as they're sensitive to shocks and rough movements. First, check whether you have the original packaging, which will offer the best protection. If you've thrown it out, you can pack your electronics using packing paper scrunched into balls and bubble wrap to cushion the equipment. The devices shouldn't move around too much in their packing boxes. Instead, they should sit snugly and securely among the bubble wrap and scrunched paper.

Use this cushioning as a bottom and top layer in the box as well to protect the electronics if the boxes are stacked. Some removalists offer special boxes for electronics. Another tip is to take a photo of where each cord goes before unplugging everything. You can then use the photos as a guide to set up each device at your new place once the house removals are done.

For more tips, contact house removals near you.

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