The Dos And Don'ts Of Executing An Office Move

Most people often oversimplify the office removal process. In doing so, they make oversights that complicate the move. This article details the dos and don'ts of office moves to ensure an easy time as you plan and execute the move.

The Dos

Always hire an experienced removalist. The professional has the expertise to safely pack and move your furniture, documents, appliances, and other office equipment. For instance, the removalist wraps your furniture to prevent dirt accumulation and scratches as they move it from your current office to the new premises. The removalist also offers specialised services such as storage if you intend to declutter the space or require onsite storage in the new premises.

Removalists also offer insurance coverage that compensates for breakages, losses, or damages caused by the removalist's negligence. The rule is to assess the conditions of the coverage to establish whether it covers all the items you plan to move. Most covers will exempt cash and sensitive office documents. However, this should not cause alarm since your removalist can organise secure transport for your items.   

Inform your employees about the proposed move. This way, they can make personal arrangements to ensure a smooth move. For instance, you could ask them to label their items to prevent confusion as the removalist arranges furniture, documents, and electronics in the new premises. Besides, ask the employees to carry sentimental items and personal documents since they are irreplaceable if they get lost during the move. Finally, review their work to ensure they do not have office duties on the moving day. This way, the removalist does not have any distractions as they work. 

The Don'ts

If you are a hands-on business owner, you might want to help with some removal work. It is especially so if you want to save time and cash when executing the move. Nevertheless, this might not be the right move. In most cases, the removal insurance policy exempts items packed and transported by the client. Since you lack the skill and training required to pack and move items, there is a probability that the items will break during transport. Therefore, it is best to let the removalist handle all removal work. 

Do not forget to create an inventory as you move your office. The inventory details the items in each room or workstation in your office. It comes in handy as the removalist arranges items in the new premises. Besides, the inventory helps the removalist prepare an accurate quote and determine the need for specialised services. For instance, the professional might opt to hire IT professionals to uninstall office networks and install them in the new office.

Reach out to a furniture removal company for more information.

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