4 Questions To Ask A Commercial Removalist

Relocating your business is a challenging process. In most cases, you will be worried about how your employees will adjust to change and how the new premises will impact your business operations. A removalist plays a critical role since they ensure your furniture, appliances and electronics arrive in one piece. Below is an extract with several questions to ask your removalist when planning a commercial move. 

1. How Long Will The Move Take? 

Most business people will want the move conducted in the shortest time possible. Suppose this is your case; consult with the removalist to know how long the move will take. Most commercial removalists plan the move to ensure minimal disruption of your business activities. For example, they could conduct the move at night or weekend when the office is closed. The removalist should also customise their services to ensure a seamless transition (ie., they should arrange your new premises to ensure your employees get back to work as soon as possible).

2. What Are The Customer's Obligations? 

Commercial removals are a collaboration between you and the removalist. Therefore, you must inquire about your obligations. For instance:

  • The removalist could ask your employees to take personal belongings such as their photos and personal devices. Remember, these items are irreplaceable when lost. Besides, your employees might not want to move with these items to the new premises.
  • Give the removalist a floor plan of the new office and detail how you want your things arranged.
  • Prepare the new premises by installing security devices, electrical wiring, servers and water. Remember, these could be difficult to install once the removalist moves your items to the premises.
  • Examine the new office to determine whether you need to secure a parking space or use cranes as you move items into the office. 

3. What Are The Terms Of The Insurance Coverage? 

Commercial removalists take insurance coverage to provide compensation if a client's items get damaged during the move. As a client, you should assess the insurance terms to know whether it suits your needs. For example, what are the limits on the insurance cover? Does the insurer replace the damaged item with a brand new item? What items are exempt from the cover? For instance, most insurers do not cover expensive and irreplaceable items. 

4. Do you Offer Storage Services?

Storage services are an essential aspect of a commercial move. Typically, a portable storage unit can serve as a temporary office as you arrange your new premises. You could also need permanent storage to declutter your office. 

When hiring a commercial removalist, inquire how long the move will take, check the customer obligations, examine the terms of the insurance cover and the availability of storage services. 

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